ABT Modern


These days, turning “trash” into treasure is a something many people are trying to get their hands on. From DIY shows, magazines, YouTube, and Pinterest boards, revamping something to create your own style is what makes decorating fun for 2016! However, if you like the retro look, but do not want to spend the time and ten trips to the home improvement store, check out one of our favorite places for retro furniture, ABT Modern. Josh and Jen are from DeLand, Florida, and this couple has been restoring antique pieces and making them breathe new modern life. While it might cost you a little more than if you did it yourself, it will only take one piece to be a show-stopper.

Our favorite:
Percival Lafer Rosewood Framed Lounge Chair w/ Aged / Patina Worn Leather Seat $2,495

Photo Credit: www.etsy.com