How To Setup a New Phone Number for Your Business


You Need Another Phone Number.

The thought of putting your personal phone number out on the web can be a little scary. On the other hand, adding a phone number to your website can add considerable credibility. Some of the biggest players have all started adding numbers to their site. The idea that you could call and talk to a real person, can really put someone at ease especially if they are not yet familiar with your brand.

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We’ve found a tool that will let you add a phone number while keeping your privacy. Introducing – This service starts at just a few bucks a month (per number) and allows you to choose which an area code, so you can get something in your local market. They also offer 1-800 numbers and vanity numbers for a bit more.

Phone Number Setup - Step 1

Select the type of number you’re looking for. Most people will probably opt for a phone number in their community, so it’s more familiar to the local market. After you select the Country and State, you can choose the city that you’re looking for. They offer numbers in over 60 countries around the world.

Phone Number Setup - Step 2

Now It’s Time to Customize.

After you’ve secured your phone number, it’s time to configure the number to suit your business’ needs. The most important step is to setup the number that you want the calls and texts forwarded to. This will often be your cell phone number or office phone. Enter your number and click Update. Then, right below that you’ll see the option to set the Caller ID. This really depends on your own preference. When someone calls your virtual number, your options are to see the Callers’ Number or Show Virtual Number. If you select Show Virtual Number, you won’t know who is calling you, but you will know they are attempting to contact you through your new business number.

Phone Number Setup - Step 3

Take A Message

After you have the call forwarding set up, you can continue to customize your number using some various features offers. One of our favorite features is the Voicemail. This allows you to set up a prerecorded or custom message for anyone that calls you and reaches your voice mailbox. You’ll notice there is also an option to set how many times with the phone will ring, as well as having the option to manually accept the call before they are sent to the voicemail.

Phone Number Setup - Step 4

Keep Your Number Under Control

In addition, you can also get voicemail sent directly to an email so that you’re able to check it on the go. This goes the same for SMS/Text Messages. You can have them forwarded directly to your private number or you can have them sent to your email. Another great feature is the Do Not Disturb option. If you click on the tab titled Do Not Disturb, you’ll see that you can set up a range of hours that callers will be able to reach you. If a caller attempts to call outside of the range, they will be sent to voicemail. This is perfect if you’re using a personal phone number, so you’re not getting calls in the middle of the night.

Phone Number Setup - Step 5

There’s Even More Options

Some of the options that offers are pretty advanced. Most people probably don’t need to take the time to setup too much more. But if you’re interested in getting a fully tailored experience, it’s possible.

The subsequent tabs offer advanced features, like Call Recording, Screening, Call Rules and More. Take a few minutes to see if there is anything else that you might want to add to your new number.

Get More Numbers

Many people have multiple business or side-projects. So why not have multiple numbers? We set up a new number for each business we embark on. This allows us to answer each call with a custom greeting that’s specific to that business. In addition, this is a great way to keep all of your messages separate, so they are easy to sort in future. You have multiple email addresses for different websites, so why not have a phone number for each as well?

Free Alternative

Another service we use, which is free, is Google Voice. There’s a lot of great features, as you would expect, but the main drawback is that you can only use one Google Voice number per personal (cell) phone number you forward to. (You can’t have two separate Google Voice numbers forwarded to the same cell phone). If you only need one phone number, Google Voice might be a great way to get started.

Hopefully, this guide will help you separate your personal phone and your business phone in a meaningful way. If you have another tool that you use to connect with your customers or audience, we’re all ears. Feel free to send us a note or leave your favorite in the comments below.

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