How To Create an Engaging Post on Facebook Using SumoRank


The Future of Facebook Content

The Facebook game has certainly changed quite a bit over the years. We used to start groups and get tons of organic engagement since ‘pages’ were pretty much treated like ‘friends’ on Facebook. Gone are the days of mindlessly posting something on your business page and getting anyone to see it, let alone interact with it. Just about the only way you’re going to get someone’s attention is by promoting the post (pay for others to view) OR create a truly memorable post that people will want to share/like. We’re going to talk about the latter.

Almost everyone has heard of BuzzSumo. They have an amazing collection of content, so you can see what’s trending on a live-stream basis. If you’re every wondering what people are talking about online for the day – that’s a good place to start. Not only does it show the latest stories being covered, it pulls all of the analytics, so you can see what people are actually engaging with, on which platforms.

BuzzSumo Homepage

Disclaimer, this can be very addicting. Proceed with caution.

Not too long ago, BuzzSumo announced a new tool that could be used to dissect a given Facebook page. This may not seem that groundbreaking at first, but it really is. Everyone has competition – think about if you were able to let your competition do the heavy lifting and then just see what worked best for them. That’s exactly what the new site does. It’s called and it’s changing the way we post content.

Going Deep

Now you can just search a Facebook page, and within seconds have all the juicy details about what’s working best for that pages audience. This includes:

  • Engagement per post type (Video vs Link)
  • Engagement per character range (long vs medium vs short posts)
  • Engagement per posting method (self-posted vs 3rd party tools)
  • Most popular days and times for posting content

…and more. It also points out the top few posts for that page overall, so you can see exactly what was the most successful piece of content. I looked at numerous pages in various industries and noticed a strong preference for video. Like many people have already predicted, this is going to be an increasingly important part of the social media landscape.

Facebook - SumoRank Page - Nike

Facebook - Sumo Rank Nike

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Sizing Up Your Competition

So, what does this mean? This means you can search all of your competitors and see what’s really working. This takes a lot of the guess work out of trying to post meaningful content. You can see above that Nike gets most of their engagement using Video posts, on Wednesday around 6:00pm. The goal here is not to steal content/ideas. The goal is to provide the best content you can in the most relevant/convenient way. You want to make it as easy for your audience to consume your content as possible. If they like short Video pieces on Wednesdays at 9:00pm – give it to them. What if they like longer posts, delivered first thing in the morning? Great – make it happen. This free tool really does help streamline what would take months to collect, analyze and implement.

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More Tools

In addition, you can do a little research to figure out what 3rd-party tools others in your industry are using to post their content. Some of the most popular platforms out there at the moment are Buffer, Sprout Social and Hootsuite. My personal favorite has got to be Buffer. We use it exclusively. These tools can be really helpful in scheduling your posts. So once you’ve using SumoRank to figure out when your audience is most likely to consume your content, you can use one of these scheduling tools to get it in a cue. This means you can schedule days or even weeks of relevant content in a single session.

Even if you already have your social media process in place, this can be a great way to check everything to be sure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Facebook will undoubtedly continue to evolve their own algorithms, but this will, at the very least, shorten that inevitable gap.